I have been woodworking all of my life, well since my teens, but it was always a hobby / build things for myself, family, and friends. When my father passed away, I inherited all his woodshop tools. added to mine, that made for a well equipped woodshop. I started my vocational journey working in the family printing business and it was very financially rewarding but it was not my passion. When, unfortunately, the family business went under after 40 years, I found myself having to start from scratch at 49 years old. (the printing industry all but dried up). I had forklift experience so I got a job driving a forklift for a multi-national corporation and, within 3 years, worked my way up to shift supervisor. I found myself in another job that was very financially rewarding but again, was not my passion, it was just a job. When Covid hit, I was laid off from my corporate job and, for once in my life, decided to do something that was my passion. So here we are, I take great pride in my work and customer satisfaction is a top priority with me. I prefer a relaxed, friendly relationship with a client. I guess it is all the years in the family business. My father always told me, “Make a living, not a killing” and I live by that mantra. If there is something you want built from a bird house to equestrian jump standards. I will work with you to realize exactly what you envision and make it happen.
Well, enough with the “long story, if you have any questions or you would like someone to work with you to make your idea a reality, I can be reached through the “Contact Information” page.
Thank you and God Bless,